Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Caine, Rachel: Chill Factor
ISBN: 0451460103

From the publisher:

Living, dead, or Djinn, Joanne Baldwin just can't stay out of trouble. Now she's on a time-sensitive mission to Vegas to retrieve the world's most important Djinn from the world's most dangerous teenager ... all alone. That's bad enough, but having to deal with a past that's determined to bury her, and suffering from serious wardrobe shortages ... well, that's over the line.

One thing's for certain: she's gambling everything this time.

Chill Factor is the third book in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series. I was first introduced to Ill Wind (the first book) in the Kelley Armstrong Book Club. I read it and was amused and picked up the second, Heat Stroke fairly recently. As I am a completist, and felt that I need to finish the series, I picked up both Chill Factor and Windfall a week ago.

As a whole, the series is amusing, but not gritty. It is a series quick couple of hours kind of reads. This series is an excellent beach book series. Ill Wind is where it all begins, with Joanne running from the Wardens. Ms. Caine uses a lot of flash backs to tell the story. I don't mind this device, so it doesn't bother me, but those who hate flashbacks: be warned! Heatstroke carries the story forward, introducing new characters and plots, as does Chill Factor. Even though they are a series about the same person doing a lot of the same stuff (ie. saving the world), I don't find any of the books repatative thus far. She does go on about her shoes and car a bit much, but hey, I probably go on about the things that I love a bit much as well.

As I said, Joanne is obsessed with designer shoes and fast cars. You will see a lot of names dropped in this series, and this book especially. It amuses me, as a fellow shoe-lover, and makes me want to look some of the lesser known designers up. I have seen a few more styles of shoe then I'm used to, but I did like this pair:

Anyway, I would say that this series is mediochre. Amusing, but not full of substance. Ms. Caine can really write and drive a plot, and her character development definitely happens without a ton of angst. I guess that it just didn't grab and hold on to me like other books have.

I would rate this book as Mature, as it has some cursing, plus sex scenes and implied sex.


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